Thanks for all folks , I'll try this.

2009/8/18 Tuomas Kulve <>
said lebbihi wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm working on a serial communication between a gumstix verdex pro and an
> arduino.
> The arduino send its informations correctly through his own serial port but
> my software located on the gumstix couldn't receive.
> If possible can you indicate me which device should I open ("/dev/ttySi" i =
> {0,1,2}) and which slot should I connect to the arduino.
> The picture represents the model of gumstix I possess.
> Thank you in advance.
> <>

This would been a bit shorter URL to the same thing:

And that's non-pro board but I guess they don't have much differencies.

/dev/ttyS0 (FFUART) is the middle connector and usually used by the
kernel's serial console. That's what I've connected to my PC.

/dev/ttyS1 (BTUART) is used by Bluetooth on my setup. I think that's the
DIN connector closest to the power connecter.

/dev/ttyS2 is STUART. I think that's the farthest away from the power

But do note that those mini DIN connectors use the RS232 voltage level
instead of the logic level used by e.g. the UART pin headers on the
expansion board.

I've used /dev/ttyS2 and the STUART pins on the expansion board to read
serial data from a gyroscope. You also need to make sure the GPIO pins
are configured properly for the STUART pins and that the clock is enabled.


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