Thanks for the reply.  I need to read the audio samples, process them, and then send them to the audio hardware for output.  The total time from when a sound is sent into the hardware to the time when the sound comes out post processing is of interest to me. The maximum that I can accept is around 30-50ms.  Currently, I've got around 90ms, which is unacceptably long.  If I can get realtime interrupts on the gumstix, I'm hoping to reduce this latency to the time for the sound hardware to process one DMA fragment (size of a fragment / sound bps) plus the processing time.  On other architectures, this is what I've seen.. but I'm unaware of if the UCB1400 is the same.


On 12/10/05, Doug Sutherland <> wrote:
Craig, I'm curious, what kind of audio application needs real time?
And what latency are you talking about? Do you mean the minumum time
to store a sample from the audio hardware?

   -- Doug

Craig Casey wrote:
> I was planning on using the RTLinux 2.4 kernel on my gumstix just to
> check the minimum latency of the audio hardware.  Then I can mess with
> the interrutps on 2.6 to get the realtime performance I need once i've
> verified the minimum performance of the hardware.  So I really need to
> run Linux 2.4.  Have you never put linux 2.4 on the gumstix?
> Thanks,
> Craig

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