Hi David,

It sounds to me like your microphone is broken or turned off.  Could this be the case?


On 11/10/05, David Huggins-Daines <dhuggins@cs.cmu.edu> wrote:

Despite what it says in the FAQ, I have found it quite impossible to get
microphone input to work on my audiostix.  I am setting the input gain
to 100 with 'aumix -i100' and I have made sure that the microphone is
selected for input using 'aumix -mR'.  But when I try to record speech
from my microphone (I have tried three of them so far), I get nothing
but silence.

It seems that maybe *something* is happening on the input, because if I
plug and unplug the microphone while recording, I do get clicks and
pops.  Is there some particular type of microphone plug that I need to
have in order to record on the Audiostix?

Or is my Audiostix just somehow defective?  I just bought it a week ago.

Any help that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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