I got this errormessage while using tar to compress some files. It semms to be that the flash space was empty....  :-(
while "tar" some files....
Newly-erased block contained word 0x0 at offset 0x00a40000
Gumstix Flash ROM: buffer write error (status 0xd0)
Write clean marker to block at 0x00a40000 failed: -22
Gumstix Flash ROM: Chip not ready after erase suspended: status = 0x0
Write of 2680 bytes at 0x00a84e4c failed. returned -5, retlen 0
Not marking the space at 0x00a84e4c as dirty because the flash driver returned r
etlen zero
Since that the filesystem has an error and the verdex could not reboot (start the kernel... :-(   ). Is there any way to access the filesystem and delete some files? e.g. with U-Boot?
Another question is: Is it possible to load a new Image to the verdex memory (using u-Boot) and to start the kernel directly (from RAM) without writing the image to the flash memory?
...Please help me...

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