I apologize in advance for apparently being an idiot, but I’m trying to follow the instructions at http://www.gumstix.net/Overo/view/Overo/Setting-up-a-build-environment/115.html for the Overo build system checkout and I can’t even get past the git checkout part. My host system is a Debian etch installation.  The following is my terminal output:


dev@rasa75:~$ mkdir -p ~/overo-oe

dev@rasa75:~$ cd ~/overo-oe

dev@rasa75:~/overo-oe$ git clone git://gitorious.org/gumstix-oe/mainline.git org.openembedded.dev

remote: Counting objects: 236897, done.

Compressing objects: 100% (75619/75619), done.)

Indexing 236897 objects.

remote: Total 236897 (delta 156021), reused 235238 (delta 154895)

 100% (236897/236897) done

Resolving 156021 deltas.

 100% (156021/156021) done

dev@rasa75:~/overo-oe$ cd org.openembedded.dev

dev@rasa75:~/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev$ git checkout --track -b overo origin/overo

Usage: /usr/bin/git-checkout [-f] [-b <new_branch>] [-m] [<branch>] [<paths>...]

dev@rasa75:~/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev$ git-checkout --track -b overo origin/overo

Usage: /usr/bin/git-checkout [-f] [-b <new_branch>] [-m] [<branch>] [<paths>...]

dev@rasa75:~/overo-oe/org.openembedded.dev$ git checkout -b overo origin/overo

git checkout: branch overo already exists



I get a complaint about the usage.  I thought maybe the --track option made git unhappy, but when I leave it out I get a message saying the overo branch already exists.


Am I missing something?  I don’t do much open-source development so I’m very weak when it comes to all the scm tools, although I haven’t had any trouble with subversion and the Verdex buildroot and OE stuff.  Sorry for the blatant ‘please hold my hand’ request, but does anybody recognize what I’m doing wrong here?