I think the newer kernels require a new uboot.
I recently set up a basix 400 (the one with only 4MB flash) to use uboot 1.2 and latest OE for basix. I had to use the option to boot from mmc card (when building the kernel) since the conventional minimal image starts from 6MB now. With Connex you should be able to flash the new uboot.
If by old system you mean that you want to keep the old rootfs and only upgrade the uboot, pay attention to the kernel version, as the old 2.6.10 has a different bootargs in the uboot from 2.6.13 which is the default for uboot 1.2 version. If you plan to reflash the filesystem as well, then you dont need to worry about the bootargs parameter I believe.


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Subject: [Gumstix-users] buildroot and oe linux
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Hi, I bought about a year and a half a connex 400, for matter of time I
Could use it until now, Looking for information I realize that the
development for gumstix has changed, now is using other distribution (oe),
and is different but it seems easy to use, it is possible to use the new
system on the old boards? I have to reflash de uboot to use the uboot? Or I
have to use the old system?

Gonzalo Zapata

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