Hi Paul,

You're referring to a pager motor, right?

I personally wouldn't drive it directly because of all the back high frequency noise and the fact the Gumstix while running will likely be quite sensitive to that. But your mileage may vary :)

You can get pretty tiny solid state relays, BTW. Or if you're handy, build your own opto-isolation.


On 8/22/07, Paul Siltor < sfgum@x09.de> wrote:

I wonder if someone here already connected his Gumstix to a (small)
vibration motor!?
(A vibration motor starts vibrating when power is available and stops if
the power is switched off!)

The only way I could image to do this easily is connecting a relay
interface to Gumstix' RS-232- or USB-interface and use this to switch
the motor/power on and off! But this will increase the size of my
Gumstix a lot and additionally I need a second battery!

Does anyone solve this problem using a much smaller equipment? E.g. is
it possible to connect a vibration motor directly to USB/RS-232? Or is
there a way to obtain some power from the Gumstix itself, which can be
switched on and off by a program/driver?

MANY thanks in advance,

P.S.: Yes I searched at http://docwiki.gumstix.org/ but found no usable
answer! Maybe I as a newbie aren't able to recognize it even if I see
it! :-)

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