Can't you put the connector on the Breakout-VX? :(


On 6/22/07, Craig Hughes < > wrote:
On Jun 22, 2007, at 1:26 PM, Julien Lebot wrote:

> Quoting Eric Heinemann <>:
>> Does that mean a breakout board release is imminent?
>> -Eric
> I would guess it's nearly ready ^^
> @ Craig: My clock was wrong, I missed a 0 (!). Now I've got good
> timings that agree with the datasheet, thanks.
> Still nothing is displaying, there are nothing on the signals pins.
> I'm
> updating  from 1352 to your latest revision and I will test again.

After loading the pxafb module, do this:

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/fb0 bs=272 count=960

That will fill the framebuffer with "noise" so you should see colored
speckles on the screen.

> Just a bit off-topic, sharp has released some time ago a new screen,
> quoting the datasheet:
> "This module is a color transflective and active matrix LCD module
> incorporating CG-Silicon TFT [...] It is composed of a color TFT-LCD
> panel, driver ICs
> (with control Function), an FPC(with DC-DC Converter), a back light, a
> touch panel and a back sealed casing.
>   It is composed control circuit. Graphics and texts can be displayed
> on a 480󫢮40 dots panel with
> 262,144 colors by supplying."
> The fpc is slightly different, so it would require some change in the
> design but still, this LCD looks perfect to hook with an Audiostix2
> with the touchscreen support !
> The panel reference is LS037V7DW01, you can check on Sharp's website
> for the datasheet. The only thing that can be problematic is the
> price,
> which was, when I checked through the official dealers, above 100$US.

The screen we're settling on looks like it's 99% going to be the
Samsung equivalent of the Sharp screen, which merges the Sharp's 3
ribbon cables (signal, power, and touchscreen) into a single ribbon,
but the screen is otherwise basically identical.  It looks like LG
has an exact cross for this Samsung part too.  We'll be revising the
console-vx to add this connector (and all the required voltage-
shifting logic), as well as creating a new audiostix-vx (which
doubles as gpsstix-vx) which has the connector, as well as putting
the connector on the upcoming GPRSstix.  ETA on this boards varies,
but basically they're all "this summer"

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