Hey Nick! :-) Sure, I'd love the new version of the break-out.

Demetris:I don't have any personal experience with that module, but a lot of these modules are fairly similar in principal once you get them config'd.


On 6/28/06, Nicholas Sinnott-Armstrong <nova@macintoshclub.com> wrote:

On Jun 28, 2006, at 12:37 PM, Marc Nicholas wrote:

I'm still on a mission to attach this to Gumstrix:


Seeing how cheap smallish FPGAs are these days, I might just bite-the-bullet and build an FPGA frame buffer for it.


I have been working on this also (Marc, if you want my new version of the breakout board, LMK). I wrote a Verilog program that should run the camera and attach it to an Address Bus (for external RAM attachment, etc)/ Data, if you want that. This camera would be amazing if we could finally get it working...

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