OK, thanks, but in what directory? Where is the Makefile that make is looking for with that target in it? When Makefile is not specified make looks in the current directory only IIRC.

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On Nov 25, 2008, at 7:51 PM, Bill Gatliff wrote:

David Warman wrote:
Hi all,

I keep seeing comments such as "you need to run menuconfig". But nobody
ever gives the exact command line or which directory is supposed to be
current when it is issued. I believe (no real basis, just other build
systems) the line is 'make menuconfig' but that requires a Makefile and
issuing it on the Makefiles I have found so far does not work - 'No
Target of that name' or similar errors. Searching on the Wiki yields no


$ make ARCH=arm menuconfig

Bill Gatliff

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