Dear all:
Forgiving my interruption please. I really have a difficult problem.
The following is the details of my problem.
Can anybody help kindly?
Your advise is highly appreciated.
Type of Gumstix:        GS3703A R3576
Version of kernel:       2.6.39
I have made the Gumstix work as an Access Point according the following page.
The Access point can work in both IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g mode.
It works pretty well in IEEE 802.11b mode.
Unfortunately, it is not reliable while working in IEEE802.11g mode.
 For example, a PC is associated to the access point.
    And the PC sends data to Access point. Commonly, the size of the data is about 20Mbyte.
 In this case, the Access Point is vulnerable. It often fails.
 The link between the PC and Access point is down.
 The PC can not reassociate to the Access point.
 Only if the Access Point is rebooted, the PC can reassociate to AP.
 BTW, the free space in gumstix is sufficient.
The problem has puzzled me for a long time.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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