The xscale option is present in the 1161 build as well (since my hardware apparently has an xscale DSP coprocessor). The oabi option was chosen because the eabi (default) option ends up with a faulty build environment, where I had to fix too many things in ways that could cause more problems than cure.  For rev 1491, with oabi option, the only fix-up I needed to do to the source was clean the typo in build_arm_nofpu/wpa_supplicant- 0.5.7/Makefile, changing the "==" to "=".
Of course in 1161, there was no oabi/eabi choice.

In 14xx, run_init_process calls kernel_execve while in 1161, it calls execve, in file sys_arm.c.  But the actual code in the exec subroutines are the same.  A lot other code changed, however.  I really don't understand how the 14xx builds work for others if there are issues with core kernel code.  The exec stuff depends a lot on stack arrangement, so perhaps oabi verses eabi use different stack frames.  I will now try to build a 14xx kernel using eabi, if the fixups don't stop me in my track first.

Thanks for the help.

On 8/2/07, Craig Hughes <> wrote:
On Aug 2, 2007, at 10:15 AM, Peter Lu wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried the boot in several ways
> without the "ro 3" as you suggest and it still doesn't do the right
> thing, unfortunately.  The kernel_execve is invoked but the exec'ed
> program doesn't run (or at least doesn't output/input messages), as
> the case before.
> BTW, when I did the "make menuconfig" to the original build, I
> selected two non-default options... arm xscale and oabi (eabi build
> has faulty build scripts).  I don't think these are issues, but
> thought I'd mention it.

Either of those could be causing the problems -- could be that there
are shared libraries built with a different ABI then the apps trying
to link to them or something.  Any particular reason you changed
either of those 2 options?


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