I'm guessing it's the whole config.h problem that ubuntu useres have.......
this is from the wiki:

If you get an error: Compilation aborted. Please read the FAQ for linux-libc-headers package. then edit /usr/include/linux/config.h and delete both lines.

On 10/5/06, dhylands@alumni.sfu.ca < dhylands@alumni.sfu.ca> wrote:
Hi James,

On Thu,  5 Oct 2006 18:28:23  1000 (EST) gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Hello,
> I am a third year university avionics student working on a height
> above ground estimation system for a UAV platform. Our project group
> is utilising Gumstic connex 400xm, cfstix, and waysmall stuart.
> I am looking for some assistance on getting started. I have veiw the
> wiki and found information on the build-root. i have tried to download
> the buildroot to my comp and ran menuconfig, i seem to get an error at
> the end:

At the end of buildroot? Or the end of make menuconfig?

Also, ERROR 2 in and of itself, is pretty much useless. Can you include the
exact command executed (and frmo which directory) and the last 40 lines of
output displayed on your console?

> im not sure what this error is and how to get around it. Tobe
> perfectly honest im not sure what i need to do from there. I have
> compiled C programs that i need loaded onto gumstix, and im not sure
> how to do this yet.

If you have network access (direct, Wifi, or via usbnet), then you can use
wget to pull them from an ftp/http server, or scp (dropbear, running on the
gumstix is an ssh server).

If you only have serial access, then you can use rz to do a serial style
transfer with Z-Modem.

Dave Hylands

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