ps -A | grep 898
will tell you the process name that currently has that port.

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Yuri Roibu <> wrote:

Anch wrote:
> Could you ping
> Yuri Roibu wrote:
>> Anch wrote:
>>> HI Yuri,
>>> Try pinging an ip address. If you can ping an ip address (e.g
>>> then you have network connectivity.
>>> The problem is that pppd doesn't seem to set /etc/resolv.conf properly.
>>> You will have to copy the file
>>> /var/run/ppp/resolv.conf as /etc/resolv.conf once you have established
>>> pppd connection.
>>> Regards
>>> Muktabh
>>> Yuri Roibu wrote:
>>>> hello every body im forcing a small problem i want to connect my
>>>> gumstix over serial with ppp package to a web page throw a GSM i had
>>>> managed to make 1 working and i have all of the scripts but when i was
>>>> recompiling the kernel and image i had changed smth and know it dosnt
>>>> work i am using gumstix-x11-image
>>>> and kernel 2.6.21 after i am instaling with ipkg next packeges:
>>>> 1. ppp_2.4.3-r3_armv5te.ipk
>>>> 2.kernel-module-ppp-async_2.6.21-r1_gumstix-custom-verdex.ipk
>>>> 3.kernel-module-ppp-deflate_2.6.21-r1_gumstix-custom-verdex.ipk
>>>> 4.kernel-module-ppp-generic_2.6.21-r1_gumstix-custom-verdex.ipk
>>>> 5.kernel-module-ppp-mppe_2.6.21-r1_gumstix-custom-verdex.ipk
>>>> 6.kernel-module-ppp-synctty_2.6.21-r1_gumstix-custom-verdex.ipk
>>>> and looks like everything is fine when i try to make: pppd call gprs(my
>>>> ready script which is working on the other gumstix)
>>>>  is writing ppp generic driver registred and looks like all goes fine
>>>> but the web page doesnt comes up am im missing smth?
>>>> plz im stuck
>>  Hi Anch
>> i have tried to ping the the result was hostname lookup
>> failed what i can be?
>> with regard tnx for help

im not sure but i think the problem is here
Jan  1 03:04:02 gumstix-custom-verdex daemon.notice pppd[987]: pppd 2.4.3
d by root, uid 0
Jan  1 03:04:02 gumstix-custom-verdex daemon.notice pppd[987]: Device ttyS2
is l
ocked by pid 898
Jan  1 03:04:02 gumstix-custom-verdex pppd[987]: Exit.

i found this in var/log/messages

my script is using ttyS2 to connect but some how is locked i was thinking
maybe smth else is using it ?
or can i unlock it somehow?
strange thing is that on the other gumstix is working fine on ttyS2 any
tnx in advance for help

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