Sorry to say I don't have a fix here, but I have seen the same thing on Gumstix Overo Earth.  If I connect through minicom to the console port during boot-up, I get random garbage text mixed into the u-boot text as the system is coming up.  Sometimes the text may have "<Interrupt>" or a partial string of the word mixed into the text output.  When this happens, the boot sequence freezes and I have to cold boot the board via the reset button on the Summit board.  A single reset is usually enough to make it boot properly.

I usually don't connect to the console port when I'm using the board, so I don't know if this garbage text continues on a successful boot, but sometimes when I'm in a terminal, it loses keyboard input completely and I end up cold booting it.

At least you're not alone...

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 3:37 AM, hypo <> wrote:


my verdex xlp6 suddenly started spitting out garbage on the serial line.
this was working fine till yesterday, but today for some reason it stopped.
I rarely touch the gumstix or the connections, so i'm very surprised at what
has happened. i figured whatever the reason, the connections must have come
undone and so it's probably missing a few bits here and there leading to
garbage in kermit. However, even after i reconnect, it continues the same

I am able to ssh into the box fine and it is working but for the serial. is
there some way for me to check if some hardware is screwed up? i doubt it's
a software issue because even the bootup sequence from UBOOT is garbled.
Also, i can't seem to type anything back on to the gumstix.

my kermit file is the same (pasted below) and still works with another
embedded board i have (avr).

set line /dev/ttyUSB0
set flow-control none
set carrier-watch off
set speed 115200
set reliable
set prefixing all
set file type bin
set rec pack 4096
set send pack 4096
set window 5

any clue on what could be happening? has anyone seen something like this
before? i have a demo for my project tomorrow and need uboot to change it to
boot from flash rather than NFS.

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