You can safely ignore/skip the remount read-only step and just proceed -- I've done it many, many times with no problems.  I'd just make sure you don't have some app running that is making a lot of writes to the filesystem and you should be ok.


On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Michael Levashov <> wrote:

I am trying to set up a gumstix with the breakout-vx and the netCF-vx boards.

The kernel and filesystem weren't changed since the board was bought.
I only did a few reboots and copying of files to /tmp.

I start the gumstix and connect to it through ssh through the ethernet port.

Then, I follow the instructions on the gumstix developer wiki to flash the filesystem:

When I get to: "/media/cf$ mount -o remount,ro /" it gives me the following message:

mount: you must specify the filesystem type

I try different variations, including specifying the filesystem type:
"/media/cf$ mount -t jffs2 -r -o remount rootfs /" OR
"/media/cf$ mount -t rootfs -r -o remount rootfs /"

mount: / is busy

I am not sure why this happens.  I couldn't find any mention of a similar problem.
Any help or pointers would be highly appreciated.

Here is some information that might be useful:
/media/cf$ df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock1           14.8M      9.7M      5.0M  66% /
/dev/mtdblock1           14.8M      9.7M      5.0M  66% /dev/.static/dev
tmpfs                     2.0M     40.0k      2.0M   2% /dev
tmpfs                    30.7M         0     30.7M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                    30.7M     60.0k     30.7M   0% /var/volatile
tmpfs                    30.7M         0     30.7M   0% /media/ram
/dev/hda1               982.1M    734.3M    247.8M  75% /media/cf

:/media/cf$ cat /etc/fstab
# fstab for gumstix-verdex
rootfs               /                    auto       defaults,sync,noatime 1  1
proc                 /proc                proc       defaults              0  0
sysfs                /sys                 sysfs      defaults              0  0
tmpfs                /dev                 tmpfs      defaults              0  0
devpts               /dev/pts             devpts     gid=5,mode=620        0  0
tmpfs                /dev/shm             tmpfs      mode=0777             0  0
tmpfs                /var/volatile        tmpfs      mode=0755             0  0
tmpfs                /media/ram           tmpfs      defaults              0  0

# compact flash slot
/dev/hda1            /media/cf            auto       defaults              0  0

# mmc/microSD slot
/dev/mmcblk0p1       /media/card          auto       defaults              0  0

# USB Storage
/dev/sda1            /media/hdd           auto       defaults              0  0

# USB Device File System
usbfs                /proc/bus/usb        usbfs      defaults              0  0

Please tell me if there is anything else that might help.

Thank you,

Michael Levashov

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