Good thought, but the weather has been bone dry.  Today it's 100F in the equipment area with a RH of about 10%.  I'm in shorts & t-shirt and the sweat is evaporating as fast as it comes out :-)

I am beginning to suspect thermal shutdown on a linear regulator.  As the temperature has climbed I am seeing the problem with greater regularity.  I need to get back to my office to look at the gumstix schematics to find places to probe the 3.3V supplies.

Thanks for helping with the brainstorming!


On 5/14/07, Drew Folta <drew@folta.net> wrote:
Total shot-in-the-dark, and probably not worth trying unless it's
easy, but what about dewpoint?  Is condensation an issue?  (I don't
know much about environmental effects on electronics.)


On 5/14/07, Steve Sakoman <sakoman@gmail.com> wrote:
> Temperatures at the installation site (also logged) have varied from 50F to
> 103F during the past week.  Crashes show no correlation with temperature.

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