This may sound like snake oil, but I was having similar duplex problems as well as many other ethernet issues.  I found this post:


and did what it suggested: put some paper between the gumstix boards to keep them from touching.  Voila!  All my ethernet problems went away, as well as many other intermittent gumstix problems

I have veredex/netwifimicroSD in this situation


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Hey all..

    Well, I finally got a good build, and flashed my gumstix.  I hooked
up the serial port and a net-cf to it, and booted.   During boot, I saw
the message "Eth0 up: 100mbit full duplex" and I thought everything was

  Then it got almost to the login prompt, and started spitting out
"auto negotiation NOT supported" and the NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit
timed out" messages again.

Any clues what is going on?  This is a straight basic connex build..

Thanks in advance..