Hi Loni,

  I tested that grounding one side of the board to the other powers up the
gps module and it works fine.  Just a few minutes ago I added a small wire from the
NSSP gnd to one of the gps antenna ground legs and all is working.

Thank you Gordon for solving this problem.


On 2/22/07, L R Nix < lornix@lornix.com> wrote:
> Several  Audiostix 2 and GPSstix boards of revision -R1286 (approximately 25
of each) slipped through
> testing and are non-functional and need to be repaired or replaced.

Gordon, I believe I have one of the recent suspect GPSstix boards.  I have
carefully removed R7 & R8 from the board, alas still no output on ttyS2.

> http://pubs.gumstix.com/boards/AUDIOSTIX/PCB00012-R1286/PCB00012.rework.png

The photo/schematic you provided as a location reference for R7/R8 also shows a
blue 'Connect GND' line.  Does this need to be added to make things work?

> Those wish to do so may may field-correct this problem themselves by removing
the two resistors from the boards.

> The power supply design was changed to allow an alternative version of the
MIC5219 (the MIC5219ADJ instead
> of the MIC5219-3.3)  that requires 2 resistors("R7" and "R8") to set the
output voltage.
> A small number of boards were manufactured with the MIC5219-3.3, R7 and R8 all
> To correct this R7 and R8 need to be removed.

As a check, I have a "5219 3.3Y" chip on the board, and your instructions
indicate that when using the 5219 3.3" chip you DO NOT need R7/R8. (hope I'm
reading this right!)

Mike Halderman may also have this issue, as he's been posting lately with almost
identical issues. (no data from ttyS2 at all)

I've followed along with the troubleshooting methods posted in reference to
Mike's issue, all with no results.

Thank you.


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