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../../ and make, I get these errors:

make[4]: *** [drivers/video/console/vgacon.o] Error 1

Make sure that in "Graphics support" -> "Console display driver support", "VGA text Console" is turned OFF in make menuconfig, you only need "Framebuffer console support"  to be turned on (I stumbled over this same error as you did before).

BTW, I got a Philips LB064V02-A1 LCD working at first try based on the info in this thread, very useful!
The LB064V02 is a 640x480 18bits color active TFT screen.
My bootargs for this Philips screen are:
setenv bootargs console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=1f02 rootfstype=jffs2 reboot=cold,hard video=pxafb:mode:640x480-16,active,hsynclen:64,vsynclen:45,left:24,right:40,upper:10,lower:33,hsync:0,vsync:0,outputen:1,pixclockpol:0,pixclock:40000

I found out that this screen is quite forgiving in terms of timing, the only settings that really make a difference between functioning and not functioning are (for this Philips screen):
mode (if you fill in the wrong widthxheight your display will be running like a mal-adjusted old fashioned b/w tv)
outputen (polarity of the data enable line, if this one is wrongly set the lcd shows nothing)
pixclockpol (this one indicates whether it should acquire data on a falling or rising edge of the pixclock signal. If this one is wrongly set, the display shows nothing or shows garbage, as the data won't be valid).
if pixclock is (very) far off, it doesn't show much on screen either.

The rest of the settings mainly concern minimal calibration and are not show stoppers if maladjusted.

TIP: if your LCD is making noise (as in a soft hissing sound) and/or shows noise on screen, check if your ground (GND) connections are well connected.

Now I've got another phenomena: after about 5 min. the screen goes blank (like as if a screen saver kicked in or so), does anybody know how to avoid this from happening?

Anyway, even if the info didn't concern an ALPS display, but I hope this helps nevertheless,

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