From that revision note, it seems that Gumstix has fixed the position for J5 Next to the POP memory chip on each Overo COM.
Previously, it was next to the WiFi/Bluetooth module on Overo Earth and Overo Water. And the pictures on gumstix site still shows same location (when you visit a specific product page).
Regarding Flex cable they provide, as you told its life time is only a few insertions/desertions.
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Where is J5 on the board you received with the Overo Summit pack?


On my boards it’s the following


New Overo Water – Next to the Wifi/Bluetooth module

Fire  - Next to the Micron POP Memory/Flash Chip

Old Overo Earth – Next to the Wifi/Bluetooth module


Fairly soon I’m going to be designing a baseboard for the Overo Earth/Water, and I need to know exactly where J5 will be on those boards. I thought the Water would be the indication of where it was meant to be since it’s a brand new board.


The boards I have follow exactly what’s on Gumstix’s website (the pictures).


HOWEVER, on the known revisions they say


“Change in position of 27 pin connector and antenna jacks on each Overo COM”


I really hope gumstix can lock down the position. Pretty soon people are going to start using that connector and they’ll realize just how careful one has to be with that connection. The cable they provide can only take a few insertions/desertions before losing connectivity.  Of my original order of 5 flex connectors I only have 1 that still works.  The other 4 have issues with connectivity of the inner 13 conductors.



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Subject: [Gumstix-users] Doubt about OVERO EARTH status


Hi All,


My first mail to list.


I ordered an Overo Summit Pack from Gumstix. On website it says that Overo Earth is included in the kit.


But what I received with kit is actually an Overo Air with WiFi/Bluetooth module not mounted on it.


I am actually looking at the camera connector of Overo COMs and want to design a camera board for the same. This connector (J5) is at different locations in Overo Earth and Overo Air.


Now I am wondering where to place the mating camera connector on my board. My initial plan was to make it fit with Overo Earth.


But after receiving an Overo Air, I am a bit confused that whether Overo Earth has been discontinued by Gumstix or at least there are some plans like that.


Can anybody confirm about this?


Thanks a lot in advance.




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