I’ve not heard of anybody hooking up a “normal” VGA screen to the gumstix.

Hacking an LCD with the input lines -- yes, plugging into the VGA connector – no.

There’s also no keyboard connector (the Verdex can do a USB keyboard on Linux).


The WinCE port at http://www.codeplex.com/gumstix  kinda’ works – but there’s no keyboard driver and no mouse driver and no VGA driver (although you could hack the LCD connections if the pinouts match).


Overall – if you want a Windows app I would NOT use the gumstix.

I’d go with a Mini-ITX system like these:



And if you have a touchscreen why do you need mouse/keyboard?   Couldn’t you just use a virtual keyboard?  Doesn’t the Lilliput driver provide such a beast?  This may work with the Lilliput driver http://www.lakefolks.org/cnt/




Michael D. Black



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Hi all


What i'm about to ask must have been asked many times over so I apologise in advance for being another dumb user.


In short, I want to run a basic windows (95 up to XP) application on gumstix complete with keyboard, mouse, normal VGA screen, RS-232 I/O.  If not, read no further.


I have a "Megasquirt" ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in my car which controls the engine (fuel injection and ignition timing).


This ECU is programmed via a RS-232 serial port (I'm using a USB-serial adapter) with a PC using windows based ('95 - XP) software (called Megatune).  The application is quite small (ito memory and cpu requirements) but it requires, mouse and keyboard input with output to screen and disk. 


I have already installed a Lilliput 8" touchscreen with the normal 15-pin D-type screen connector into the visor and I have been looking into "carPCs" but having come accross this product I'm hoping this will be my solution.  In my case this is the ONLY application I would run on this device.


Understanding that the "waysmall" runs on a Unix type operating system I'm hoping one can somehow run windows applications in a simulator of sorts.


1) Could I use the "waysmall" in this application? 

2) What all would I need ito hw and sw to be able to have a complete solution considering that I need keyboard and mouse input, screen and "disk" output?

3) I am also looking for a rather small keyboard and mouse device .  Do you know of something that you can recommend?





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