OK thanks for that.  I'll add that knowledge to my coldstart.

A bit of googling found the fix to my next problem which is to add

ASSUME_PROVIDED += "help2man-native" to ~/overo-oe/build/conf/site.conf

Next I'll adjust my VM settings to have more RAM,  more cores, etc.. and then see what it does next.  I'll have to start from scratch to have more disk space and 64 bit mode, so I'll wait until I'm successful on 32 bit before I go there.    I'm still somewhat baffled why an OS build for such a tiny computer should require so much space and take so long...

OK rebooted with 3 gigs ram, 4 cores for my VM
Edited ~/overo-oe/build/conf/site.conf and uncommented PARALLEL_BUILD and BB_NUMBER_THREADS

bitbake omap3-console-image seems to be going now...if it's going to take 3-22 hours, I guess I'm off to bed.

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On 8/12/2010 5:12 PM, Darren wrote:
I chose the 32 bit version because I read a note about some stuff not working on 64 bit:

"Please note pysco is only available for 32-bit x86 systems only."

Thats only pysco which provides a bit of a speed up.

For personal experiance I've had more success and moe reliable builds on 64 bit machines and vm's.

If you can set a larger amount of ram.
Setting 512MB versus 2GB slows the build down by at least a few hours.

On our vm cluster which uses virtual box with 512MB and a 1GHz cpu limit
an initial build of omap3-console-image takes around 22 hours.

Where as on my build box 3GHz E8500 with 4GB it takes 3 - 4 hours (with all sources already downloaded).

bitbake minimal-image
bitbake omap3-console-image
bitbake x-load
bitbake  u-boot-omap3

Check you can boot the images from microsd

60GB probably won't be enough for desktop/graphical images, more likely need 100GB vm disk
and make sure most of that (say 92GB) goes for your home directory.


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