Hi Hugh

Try "arecord". arecord is in the buildroot (dont kown about oe).

Rasmus Friis Kjeldsen

2008/2/28, Hugh Secker-Walker <hsw@hodain.net>:
Hi All,

I just got a verdex starter pack.  Plugged it into my router, fired it
up and logged in via ssh.  Tried browsing to it too, but the web server
was not working.  Figured out the SeverName problem with the help of
this list's archives... and now the http server is working.

I've plugged in a USB mic, and info about it appears in

The question is, how do I access the USB mic from C code I will write in
order to record audio wavedata?  Do I write to the ALSA Api or something
different?  Can someone point me to a project or code that will record
from the USB mic?  Any advice or pointers about USB-based audio would be
welcomed.  BTW, I've installed the OE toolchain on an Ubuntu box and
have, apparently, built a JFFS2 image.  I also have an audiostix 2, but
I really need USB mic access.


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