The resolution for the LG 3.5"  LCD display sold by Gumstix is 320x240, although I'm not sure if the dvimode setting matters when you specify lcd35 for defaultdisplay.   In my case, I couldn't get the LCD to work with the Palo35 until I downloaded a new image and installed it on a microSD card.  See my comment on this post:


On 11/16/2009 8:00 PM, darthtux wrote:
I just tried something that did make a difference that I read on another
post. I used "setenv dvimode 480x272MR-16@60" and it displays a small part
of the boot image and terminal, but I don't think that resolution is right
since it was for the palo43. What is the correct resolution for the palo35?


darthtux wrote:
Ok, thanks for the replies. I guess I could have been more descriptive in
the subject, sorry. I just followed the instructions to set the
environment before boot and it all seemed to go well, but it did not make
a difference on the display. After boot, the screen is just white with
small amounts of graphical corruption at the top of the screen. 
I also get this error before I can login:

overo login: JFFS2 notice: (1106) check_node_data: wrong data CRC in data

I don't really have a good camera, but I will try to take a decent picture
of it with my phone.

- Andrew

Joe2 wrote:
Did you follow the setenv defaultdisplay lcd35 with saveenv? 
The instructions are there on the website, it is a bit hard to follow at
Go to the setup and programing section and start at the beginning, then
go step by step. 

To give you the answer; 
via kermit or hypertem (what ever your using),
-Stop the boot process, this means either restart or start the unit after
plugging into the console and connecting
-type:# printenv  
This will show you what the current configuration is.
-type:# setenv defaultdisplay lcd35
This tells the COM that your using the lcd, and sets the resolution
-type:# saveenv
This saves it and makes it persistent.
-type:# boot
This continues the boot process. If I recall correctly it seemed to me
the first time I booted mine it took a while to get the image on the
display. Set your environment as about then boot and give it at least 5
min. If it is a fresh install it may still be unpacking the rootfs (root
file system).  

Its all right here on this page, but if you have not read the pages
previous I recommend you do.

I hope this helps. I'm a two-year-noob myself, so please if I am wrong
about something, correct me.
Good luck,

darthtux wrote:
Is no one willing to help a newbie to gumstix? 
I connected to it through hyperterminal and tried to set the environment
to the LCD, but it does not accept the command "setenv". There really
should be some detailed documentation for all this.

- Andrew 

darthtux wrote:
I ordered a Overo Fire with a Palo35 board and the 3.5 LG LCD. They
to send the LCD, and when I finally got it in, I hooked everything up.
boot up I get a white screen and then a lot of visual corruption, that
goes back to a white screen and stays like that. There was some damage
the Palo35 board, so I RMA'ed the board, thinking that was the culprit.
with the new board, I still have the same issues. I am sure I have the
hooked up right, and I am not sure what else could cause this. Here is
current setup:

Overo Fire
3.5 LG LCD
5V power adapter

Is the power adapter the wrong type?

Any suggestions or help is welcomed.

- Andrew

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