I am having problems with gumstix-robostix communication via i2c. I am setting OCR registers in while loop on robostix using (for example):

I2C_IO_WriteReg16(*i2cDev,0x4A,20000); //OCR1A

I2C_IO_WriteReg16(*i2cDev,0x48,20000); //OCR1B

I2C_IO_WriteReg16(*i2cDev,0x82,20000); //OCR3A

I2C_IO_WriteReg16(*i2cDev,0x84,20000); //OCR3B 

After few iterations of while loop (number of iterations is stohastic) connection brakes:

ERROR: I2cTransfer: ioctl failed: Remote I/O error (121)
ERROR: I2C_IO_WriteReg16: I2cWriteBlockFailed: Remote I/O error (121)

What am I suppose to do? I have added delays and it brakes anyway.. Do I need to synchronize communication between gumstix and robostix? How?

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Maja Varga
Department of Control and Computer Engineering in Automation
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
University of Zagreb, Croatia