Just rename getline to getline2 in:


On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Arigead <captain.deadly@gmail.com> wrote:
The problem with release early and release often is that I keep having
to move things along. The latest OpenEmbedded in the svn server is
version 318 this will build on Ubuntu 9.04 using the instructions [1]

However on Ubuntu 9.10 I've got an error:

NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6.18+git: started
NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6.18+git-r0: task do_compile: started
ERROR: function do_compile failed
ERROR: log data follows
error: conflicting types for 'getline'
| /usr/include/stdio.h:653: error: previous declaration of 'getline' was
NOTE: Task failed:
NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6.18+git-r0: task do_compile: failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6.18+git: failed
ERROR: Build of
do_compile failed
ERROR: Task 384
do_compile) failed
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 107 tasks of which 0 didn't need to be
rerun and 1 failed.

I don't understand this problem as I'm compiling for an embedded system
and that don't change from one version of Ubuntu to another. Why would
local machine's headers change things.

Sorry never quite got my head around this but has anybody got any ideas
that might help me. I'd like to move over to the 9.10 version.

[1] http://gumstix.net/wiki/index.php?title=Build_Environment_Ubuntu_9.04


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