I've sent Andrei the patch privately, because I am unsure of the etiquette of posting a 50kbyte patch to the list.  What is the proper procedure for posting patches?  Is there some sort of repository for them?


Andrei Rylin wrote:
Thanks, Steve.
I'll figure gpsd.
How much of a change is this PPS stuff ?
Can you send a diff file ?

On 2/3/07, Steven A. Falco <safalco@optonline.net> wrote:
I'm afraid I do not run gpsd, so I cannot answer your question.  I use
ntpd to read the ublox in NMEA mode.  I also patched the kernel to add
pulse-per-second capability to the pxa serial driver.  In my
implementation, the PPS output of the ublox is wired to the pw1 GPIO.
I've configured that GPIO as an interrupt, which is what the pxa serial
kernel driver uses to report PPS events to ntpd.

My other machines then query the ntpd server running on the gumstix to
obtain time-of-day information.


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