While working with my waysmall I changed the environment variable for the serial port that is used for console messages from the u-boot and kernel. I must have set it to the wrong port or something because now the green power light comes on but I donít get anything through either of the serial ports.  I sent my motherboard to gumstix to get re-flashed thinking that reloading the u-boot would flash the default environment variables with
it.  According to gumstix, they re-flashed my board but still couldnít get a console message from it.  I didnít realize that the u-boot environmental variables were located on a different part of the flash than the u-boot and thatís probably why the re-flash didnít fix it (I assume only the part of the flash with the u-boot code was re-flashed).  I have a friend with a
jtag connector and the software to go about working with the flash.  The problem is that if I  an JTAG my board and access the flash how would I go about changing the environment variables.  I have never had to work with the flash or JTAG before.  If anyone can answer my question or has had a simalar problem and could offer some instructions or advice that would be great.

-Don Ebben

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