Hello All,

I'm trying to build a simple expansion board for the overo with a few simple ports.  Ideally, i'd have 1 serial port, 1 i2c port, 1 usb port, and a simple 3 pin connector for GPIO (VCC, GND, IO).  The problem i'm having is that the eagle schematic for the board and the documentation on gumstix.net don't seem to match.

For example:  There are some UART pins for the overo connector.  The TX pin in the documentation is pin 26 and the RX pin is 31.  In the eagle schematic, the two pins are right next to eachother (roughly pins 26 and 27).  So which pins should i use?

Alternatively, if you've create a custom board before and added any of the ports i've mentioned above, could you tell me which pins you connected them to on the overo?

Thank you very much!

Rich Ratmansky