Does the etherstix board come with a canonical mac address?

I received a new etherstix & connex400xm the other day, plugged it in, and brought up the ethernet interface.  The mac address was "c6:03:85:b3:ef:51", which can't be right (it has the multicast bit set).

I build a fresh JFFS2 image out of the SVN repository (revision 1062), installed it, and ran some tests.  Had problems bringing up the ethernet interface, so I grabbed the 773-revision of the root file system and installed that.  Now the mac address shows up at "02:00:00:00:00:11" which looks even more suspicious.

I looked in u-boot; in here the ethaddr = 00:0a:95:a5:47:3a.

It looks like the smc91x driver is trying to read the mac address from the chip - so either it's getting garbage, the chip has garbage stored on it, or something really odd is happening.

I guess I'll hack the smc driver to set the mac address back to the one in u-boot, but it seems like an ugly solution.  Any ideas what the address should be set to and why it seems to be scrambled?

  - Andrew