On Aug 7, 2007, at 9:05 AM, Anthony DiRenzo wrote:

Would I need additional drivers to handle displayed information on the Samsung LCD?
I have a Verdex XL6P, Console-VX.  According to the Gumstix website, the LCD is plug-and-play.  Can I trust that this means I *don’t* need any sort of device driver in my system?

It's plug and play *with LCD-Ready daughtercards*.  We currently only list 2 of those on our site: the 2 goliath boards.  We'll have more soon, but they're not launched yet.  If you don't have an LCD-ready board, then you'll need to do quite a bit of soldering to get the samsung screen working, since it needs a 40V backlight supply which you'll probably need to build a board for, plus it needs the connector that the samsung screen wants to plug in to.  On our "LCD-Ready" boards, the backlight power and connector, along with a touchscreen controller to read from the touchscreen, are already there.

 If I do need a device driver for the LCD, where can I get one?

The pxafb in the buildroot has had support added for 18-bit color mode on the samsung screen.  This is enabled by default in the HEAD of subversion.  If you build/install the latest buildroot, it'll automatically start the pxafb, and put a getty on the fbcon (ie it'll show a login prompt on the samsung screen if there's one connected -- if you plug a USB keyboard in to the gumstix, you can log in there).