Hi list,

I am new to working with Gumstix.  Here is my situation.

I've setup Parallels under XP, created a 8G+ image and installed Fedora Core 5.

From the fedora terminal I issue the following commands:

svn co http://svn.gumstix.com/gumstix-buildroot/trunk gumstix-buildroot
cd gumstix-buildroot
make defconfig

When all operations complete the directory:


does not exist.  In fact the entire /bin directory is missing.

I suspect I may be missing some dependencies, but a finding a definitive list of such is proving
very challenging.  If anyone has a definitive list of dependencies, that would be a great help.

My goal is to compile a short C program with the gcc for gumstix, and copy it over to the gumstix for execution.

In any case, any help here would be most appreciated.

Best regards,

Kenneth Graham
Design Engineer / Hale Microsystems