Not from user experience but just comparing the datasheets, the REP version is the extended performance version. >From what I see in the datasheet its operating temp is spec’d from -55 to 125Deg C. whereas the T version is only slightly worse at -40 to 125Deg C. else all else look equal.


Who are you using to fab/assembly the flex if you don’t mind me asking.




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I'd like to use the TPS73133 cap-free voltage regulator for my 24-pin flex connector to USB adapter.  There are two versions offered by Digikey, TPS73133DBVT and TPS73133MDBVREP.  Other than the part numbers these items appear to be identical.  Which one should I use?  If you have a schematic showing the proper location of the TPS73133 then please email me. 




Brian Joly



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if you do not want to make a custom board use the usb signals on the 24-pin
flex connector,
get a usb hub and usb-serial adapters. you'll only need a 3.3v voltage
regulator and 2 capacitors or
just a cap-free voltage regulator (for example tps73133) (capacitor is recommended but not
connect Vin to V_BATT (5V) and Vout to USBH_PWR1 (3.3V) plus ground. this is
the easy way

Brian J wrote:
> I have the verdex with netwifimicrosd and robostix.  Unless I attempt to
> redesign the tweener board to fit my stack I think my only option to add
> an RS232 interface is via the 24-pin flex connector.  But I also want to
> add USB.  Has anyone made a board using the 24-pin flex connector that has
> multiple USB or RS232 interfaces?  I am not an electrical engineer so
> developing my own board seems to quite a daunting task.  If you have a
> solution or an idea that might work then let me know.
> Thanks,
> Brian Joly


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