David, did you perchance get an email from Gordon on the subject of "Sorry, we shipped you a bad board, and you'll be getting a replacement ASAP"?


On Aug 23, 2005, at 4:51 PM, David Vescovi wrote:

There do seem be some differences between the CFstix and the netCF boards.
I can do 16bit IO accesses to IO space with the CFstix but can only see 8bit with netCF.
It looks like the -nIOIS16 is connected according to the schematic but something is really screwy.
None of the printed schematics seem to look anything like the real hardware, at least according to my continuity testing.
The schematics on the support page shows the same info for both the netCF and CFstix.
Looks like a lot of the pin numbers (like the ones on the R-packs) are wrong. .... and there is still is the problem with
the broken link for the CF connector pin out on the web page.
Is there going to be an updated schematic? Or can someone with knoweledge of the real hardware speak up.