Hello everyone!
I purchased a Gumstix waysmall 400xm-bt a few months back for an idea I had for a project, utilizing a serial port as an input and the Bluetooth transmitter to send information wirelessly to a laptop. Great in theroy, but I can't even begin first communications with the device!
Following all the instructions on the WIKI for starting RS232 communications, I made my serial cable as pictured and created a connection using a Windows XP desktop through the COM2 Serial port on the back. Connecting to the device via Hyperterminal using 115200-8-N-1 settings as described, I get this as output on the screen:
Now I'm sure this is supposed to be the Welcome screen, as it is repeatable and exactly the same each time I plug and unplug the Gumstix. It just seems like instead of the english letters, I'm getting random ASCII code.
Can someone please help me get talking to my Gumstix so I can start programming it and having some fun?

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