I just received my new netwifi-MicroSD and it seems to work great!!! When I first booted it up, it appeared to set up the wireless interface and everything was fine, then I remembered the message I see every time I boot my Gumstix:

By default, this gumstix is configured for CF support.
Unfortunately, this means MMC support has been
disabled out of the box.  To turn on MMC and turn off CF,
edit the file /etc/modules and comment out or delete the pcmcia (CF)
line, and uncomment the MMC lines.  You then also need to comment out
or remove the line "auto mwlan0" in /etc/network/interfaces if it
exists, since it will otherwise cause the pcmcia driver to be loaded.

So, I went in and changed the files as mentioned and now I can see the MMC/microSD card with no problems, but the wireless interface doesn't load - presumably because of disabling the "auto mwlan0". Is there a way around this? When I try to leave that line uncommented, then the system won't complete a boot because it hangs up at "gumstix "pcmcia_socket0: time out after reset".

Also, once I get the interface wireless set up, how to I configure it for the SSID of my WLAN router?

Thanks in advance!