Hi Alexandre,

Yes, its working after sertest touched the baud rate.... woops i must eat my words, now cat /dev/ttyS2 is working
You were right Alexandre, 9600 bauds and all working except for the bad signal im getting with passive.
thanks for your help


On 9/6/06, Alexandre Pereira Nunes <alex@omnisystem.com.br > wrote:
Rodrigo Sosa escreveu:

> Hi all,
> Can somebody here with a GPSstix copy a few lines from the output of
> doing cat /dev/ttyS2 ?
> I ve been trying to see any data from it, but all i have is
> ���xx<��x<��x�xx��������x���x���x��x<x�x�x�x�x�x�x������x������x�x�x���x�x<�����x<��x���xx<�x
> <x<�xx�x�x�x�x�x�x�x�x���x�x<�����x��x���xx<�x�x<xx��������x���x���x�x�x�x�x��x���
> x�x��x���x�x��x��x�x�x�x�x�x��x<����x��x��x���xx<�x��x<xx�xx
> and so on...
> the blocks font are instead sterling pounds sign...
> Doing a gpsutil -p /dev/ttyS2 doesnt show anything, so am wondering if
> the GPS unit is working or not :S
> any hint much appreciated
> regards
> Rodrigo

What does stty </dev/ttyS2 shows? Is the baud rate right?

- Alexandre

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