If I had to guess, and I have to because I am late for a meeting.
You system is changing to output through the Frame buffer. It spits boot messages out of the console, then changes to show boot messages through the frame buffer (video display). What are the environment variables in u-boot (do a 'printenv') from the u-boot prompt.

There should be a console= or defaultconsole=. That needs to be set to a /dev/ttyS0 or similar.

With some Google maybe that can help you find the right answer and settings.

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 11:40 PM, colinfp <> wrote:

   Here is an update on my problem.  Any advice would be great.  I have an
overo fire attached to a Pinto board.  I have broken the UART 3 pins out and
am connecting to the console serial port using level shifters.  When I power
up the Overo I see the normal boot loader messages.  I can interact with the
bootloader, "printenv, help, etc".  So, the hardware works.  However, when I
allow it to go past the boot loader, it upacks the kernel and the output has
normal appearance until 80% through the bootup.  After the line

Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48

The console goes to jibberish and I don't see anything normal looking.  So,
this is where it gets funky.  I was able to ssh into the overo and cat
/dev/console and the console displayed what I was typing into the funky
serial port window.  So, if I type over the serial port the overo gets it
however it only displays junk back.  What does switching the colour frame
buffer do??  Why would it mess with the serial port?  Does anyone know what
I need to change so that the console doesn't get messed with during bootup?

Thanks for any advice.  I wish I could rely upon just ssh-ing into the
overo... but it is sketchy about when it registers on my wirelss network.
Also, if you would like to see anything about the boot up process, the
script is below.

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