One of the things I am doing for extra storage space is using a portion of one of my NFS servers as storage space for the gumstix.    Using my wireless card to connect to my LAN, I am sure BT would work too, I can read and write files using the gumstix alone.  It works great!  For a VERY low power solution I am using a NSLU2 as my NFS server on my wireless LAN.  Keeps the gumstix stuff out of my main server. 

As a side note Li AAA batteries power the gumstix for about 6 hours, with average use, before dieing.

Just my $0.02.

On 4/16/05, Craig Hughes <> wrote:
On Apr 16, 2005, at 8:33 AM, Doug Sutherland wrote:

> I'd rather stick with gumstix but the expansion limitations are brutal.
> Having to choose between wireless or storage is pretty harsh choice.
> Is there any new carrier boards in the works that would allow use of
> compact flash with the bluetooth gumstix? Or maybe I have overlooked
> a possible configuration?

In the pipeline, but not imminent are some multi-function connex cards.
  Basically mixes of pairs of the existing modules on single connex
boards; stuff like dual ethernet, ethernet/mmc, ethernet/cf.  We have
working prototypes for some of these, but not all yet.  Also, we've
begun looking at on-board wifi chipset options as opposed to requiring
a CF wifi card for that.

None of this imminent though as I said, but if it's a big issue, you
can ping Don Anderson ( to see if we're near to opening
an "early access" program for testing.


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