i'm ready to order the audiostix2.  i need to know if the 38 GPIO pins are directly accessible via memory address and/or the i2c module will be freely available (not used by something like bluetooth, cfstix, or  something else).

here's what i understand, and what i don't know about the audiostix2:

10 UCB1400-GPIO linesaccessible through /proc/blah.  slow.

TTL serial ports - FFUART is the console (ttyS0). HWUART (ttyS3) is in use by bluetooth (remapping bluetooth to ttyS1 disables cfstix, which i need), and BTUART (ttyS1) is in use by bluetooth.  thus no serial interfaces are available.  that leaves STUART (ttyS2) as the only free serial port, correct?

38 PXA-GPIO lines - do i have direct access to these memory address?  could i just connect a PWM accelerometer lines up to some of these lines and read them directly?

PXA-I2C lines - maybe the best way to access high speed peripherals.