Environment: Verdex buildroot, rev 1352, gcc4.1.1

I’m trying to build Qtopia 4.3RC1, and I’m running into a problem. One of its classes has an index() method, which is being shadowed by the index #define in string.h. Looking in this header file, I see that if __UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY__ is defined, the index() macro is not defined and instead it’s a normal function. However, I see that this is not simply something I can #define, as bits/uClibc_config.h #undef’s it. (And, presumably, under my current configuration there isn’t an index() library function.)


Does anyone know what toolchain config option I need to set/clear in “make menuconfig” to enable this legacy support? Will I have to go to an older compiler?


This wasn’t an issue under the 3.4.5 toolchain I was using for connex builds.


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