to compile your hello.c, did you added arm-linux-gcc path to your PATH ?

You can also have an ext2/3 filesystem on your MMC, adding its support to your kernel. So you can move some big binaries to it and still have simlinks.

On 4/2/06, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi Adrian,

> We are using a Gumstix basix 200, a robostix, and we also have a tweener
> board.  We are currently using the robostix/gumstix combo and connecting to
> the gumstix over Bluetooth.  When necessary, we will disconnect the robostix
> and connect via our serial cable and the tweener.

You can use the tweener with the robostix.

> Do we actually have to replace the entire filesystem in order to run the
> program, or can we run programs from our MMC card?

You can definitly run programs from the MMC card.

> Also, we were going to try to flash our Gumstix with the JFFS2 filesystem
> that we created with the buildroot, but we noticed that it is 5.6MB!  This
> will not work for the Gumstix, correct?  We thought that the Gumstix flash
> is only 4MB...

Yep. You'll want to prune a bunch of stuff out. The uisp/C++
programming environment takes up quite a bit of space. This page talks
about running uisp from the MMC card:

The gumstix-XM has 16 Mb of flash.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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