Thanks for your answers, I think both of them will be usefull !

2005/6/9, Craig Hughes <>:

just configure the RTS line to operate in GPIO mode instead of as
actually being driven by the UART, and then you can control it just
like any other GPIO.  You can even do this from a shell script:

echo GPIO out > /proc/gpio/GPIO51

and then

echo set > /proc/gpio/GPIO51


echo clear > /proc/gpio/GPIO51


On Jun 9, 2005, at 12:07 AM, Jérôme Multrier wrote:

> Hello !
> I currently need to use ttyS3 without flow control and will use the
> patch given on the wiki, but I also need to enable or disable RTS
> because it's used to activate a chip that uses much power.
> Is there a good way to toggle RTS with C code ?
> Best regards,
> Jerome

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