Hi Dave,


As I had mentioned in my earlier mail , we had compiled Buildroot sucessfully with default configurations.

Now we want to setup the connection between the Linux host system( 2.6.5) and the gumstix mother board using USB.The board is getting detected but we are not able to communicate.We have followed the procedure mentioned in the tutoria but  could not achieve the needful.

Could you please explain the steps that have to followed in detail.






 cd <gumstix-buildroot>
> cd build_arm_nofpu
> cd linux-<the version of linux you're using>
> make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=`pwd`/../staging_dir/bin/arm-linux- menuconfig

Obviously, because you were running menuconfig you were trying to
change something. What did you change? What were you trying to

> make ARCH=arm
> CROSS_COMPILE=`pwd`/../staging_dir/bin/arm-linux- ( we got
> the following error : arm-linux-gcc NOT FOUND, no such file or directory)

The fact that you got an error suggests that either your initial
buildroot was unsuccessful or you mistyped something. You should be
able to do:

ls `pwd`/../staging_dir/bin/arm-linux-*

and see arm-linux-gcc. If not, then your compiler wasn't built
successfully. Running make with no targets is also not required. You'd
be better off to just skip this step and let the main make take care
of it.

> cd <gumstix-builtroot>
> make