Intresting. I hope the weather is better in Brazil then it is in Europe. Import taxes and so are everywhere. I supose the best would be if someone would import them and sell them without profit, or just to be out of the costs, if there would be way of doing that. Thats a big iff. And if imported in large quantities that would only work if one can be sure there is a demand for it. Well that could be done in advance, I supose.
I don't know if this would work for Europe, but you can always try to import them into the UK, you may not have to pay import taxes that way, and then send them from there to other EU countries. Well I know that for books the UK has or had this thing that if they came from the US people didn't have to pay import taxes on them. I don't know if its the same for electronics. It would be intresting if it was, otherwise it wouldn't make a difference.
The only other way I could think off, would be for someone to import them for own use, give others access to them, somehow charge them for it, and then sell them at half price afterwards. I had thought of the option of buying them and selling them with almost no profit, but can't really figure out a way of doing so.
' But tax and death are presumed to be unavoidable and considered to be
problems everywhere' . Someting to remember, quite a good remark.

Alexandre Pereira Nunes <> wrote:
W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D. escreveu:

> [cut]
> II. Issues with UPS
> Although I have been aware of the possibility of import duties and VAT
> charges that vary country-by-country, I only recently discovered the
> "brokerage fee." I will investigate this and I will also work with
> UPS to make sure that we are identifying all items correctly. If
> there are other issues, please let me know. We have heard of problems
> with UPS Brasil; however, our experiences with all other countries
> (Canada included) have been much more favourable with UPS.

I'm in Brazil; I ordered gumstix parts for development by my company,
responsible people here took care of these details, so I don't have much
to add, except that they told me they were quite surprised with the
credit card fee. Since we import electronic parts not only from the us
but from the whole world, they being surprised probably means something.
On the other hand, I myself though the delivery timing was pretty good.
I guess it depends on each particular customer needs to stablish whether
or not these opposite qualities result in a positive, zero, or negative
value of quality of service perception.

> III. Distributors
> I do believe that in-country distributors could address the shipping
> cost and brokerage fees and I would welcome supporting them; however,
> I suspect VAT and import duties are unavoidable. Don has had
> discussions with a few importers and the challenge is finding a price
> at which they can earn the margins they're used to. Please remember,
> our own profit margins run very thin on the gumstix in order to
> provide prices as low as we do, and we cut prices as our volume
> drops. Our margins on the cables and buddy boards is more amenable
> to finding distributors, and partial distribution may be
> "just-good-enough" for our overseas customers.
> Gordon

If I tell people reading here in deep details how are things In Brazil,
you probably wouldn't sleep at night :-)

It's very confusing, so many taxes (each one with exemption rules and a
a set of requirements of their own).

But tax and death are presumed to be unavoidable and considered to be
problems everywhere.

So the problem remains on the rest. I don't think, with this policy,
that someone in here would be interested on importing small quantities,
only for resale per unit. I maybe wrong, but probably there's no way to
do that and still have a usual profit.

So you have to reduce the "transaction costs per unit" involved.

Among others (perhaps harder) ways to make this possible, a probably
good one is to transform some of the variable costs into fixed ones, and
use a scale gain to divide the total cost per unit, until the point
where it generates a revenue, i.e. by importing many, many gumstixes. Of
course, that's a PITA (sorry), since there are the costs incurred in
keeping a stock, plus, there are risks involved, etc.

Another way (without depending on a super partner as above) would be
trying a cheaper delivery option. That's not an easy way to go, since,
as you pointed, that generates uncertainties and costs for you at
gumstix (consumer perception, insurance, replacement, returning,
whatever). But as I read here, hobbists all around the world would be
thankful. Perhaps some of then wouldn't, but, IMHO, if they are
adequately informed, they are responsible for their choices.

Just my two cents. Sorry for my english, I'm very tired for today to
correct things up :-)


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