Thx. I no longer get the out of disk space error. What I mostly get is "cannot open filename and directory" error when it starts to make the gcc or ulibc. I am using the revision version 550 from svn. Could you send me the text version of your make file (the top level make file) inside the gumstix-buildroot directory.

Dave Smith <dave@smithfamily.org.uk> wrote:
Imran zafar wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to make the gumstix-buildroot but i havent been
> successful so far. I ma using colinux. I am attaching the screen shot of
> the window that appears when i try to make it.
> Please help me out here. It is very important that i have this build this
> week.
> Best-
> imran
> athens, greece
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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You really should post the text of the message rather than a screenshot
as not everyone on this list will like getting large Word attachments.

Anyway, as far as I can see, the error is "No space left on device",
which means you are out of disk space. I don't know coLinux, but a full
gumstix build needs 2.2G of space (going by my last one), on top of
whatever other requirements the OS has. Hope this helps.


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