Robert, I assume you have by now found that mmcinit is a
u-boot command, not a linux one.
Also check out BlueZ documents and /etc/bluetooth/pin.

"Robert M. Bouwens" <> wrote:
Hi Craig,

I got my gumstix yesterday.
I fomratted he sd/mmc card on my use linux box using vfat.
I copied a text file on it and transfered the card to my gumstix.

I noticed, that there's no mmcinit command anymore.
the entry for the mmc card does exist in the fstab file.
so I tried to manualy load the card.
It says: no such device or address.
Any hint?

I do have a usb bluettoth device with the widcomm protocoll stack.
Using this sw I cannot change the default encrypting option.
When the gumstix device tries to connect, the pc sw ask for a key (bluetooth
pin code).
(before a connection can be established, the pc and gumstix must be
Any help here?


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