I am trying to get a USB to Ethernet dongle to work on my EarthSTORM COM/RoboVero combination, but when the Overo boots, it does not appear to see the dongle regardless of the USB port it is plugged in to. The OTG port is being used to connect the RoboVero to my development machine so that I can have access to the Overo console.


The problem is, with the OTG port plugged in, the Overo is not able to see the RoboVero. This means that I need another way to get to the Overo console so the the Overo can communicate with the RoboVero.


The USB to Ethernet dongle uses the asix AX88178 chipset, and from what I can fathom, this is a supported chipset.


I am booting off of the microSD using the latest Angstrom build downloaded from the Gumstix website.


Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?