Hi All,

I've tested Verdex XM4-bt with only ConsoleLCD-vx + Samsung LCD, it's work properly.
Then I've assembled with netCF-vx, it doesn't boot, no any boot message appear in console.

I've found a few recently topics in this mailing list which may related to my problem ( i.e. Verdex XM4 w/ NetWIFIuSD)

> From: Brent Russell <brent <at> arl.co.nz>
> Subject: Verdex XM4 w/ NetWIFIuSD
> After a bit of fiddling I discovered that turning them on, followed by a
> very quick power cycle will get them to boot. Looking at the cards the only
> difference that I can see is that the bidirectional buffer has been changed
> from a WB4245 to a WBH4245. Board revisions are otherwise identical.
FYI, my netCF-vx board also use WBH4245 but after many times very quick power cycle, I never seen any boot message.

> Of course there might be some other cause all-together, but it certainly is
> clear that the latest NetWIFIuSD batch has a problem.
Has anyone know how Gumstix feedback about this issue? or how to workaround?